Rent is usually due on the 1st of each month, unless there is a special agreement that states otherwise.  If you are due to pay your rent we highly recommend a standing order direct into the correct landlord’s account, paid five working days before it is due to avoid any late fees and interest.

Email us at account@barrowandthomas.com to get the correct bank details quoting the correct reference.

If you are struggling to pay to pay your rent, please don’t not pay, call us and we can try and help a way forward that helps you and satisfies your landlord.

Tenancy Information

Already a tenant?  Need some information about your tenancy or want to renew your contract?  Login to the tenants portal above or email us at hello@barrowandthomas.com


Have a repair, please email us on help@barrowandthomas.com, we aim to resolve all non-urgent repairs within 10 working days.  Urgent repairs we aim to resolve the same day if reported by midday, or the following day.

Have an emergency and it’s out of hours?

If you have no hot water or heating, you will need to contact us immediately by email help@barrowandthomas.com or call when our office is next open.  We will aim to get it fixed the same day if there are no parts to be ordered.

If you have a water leak?

If it is dripping we suggest you put a bucket under the leak and report to us immediately.  If it is a fast flowing leak, it is recommended you turn the stop clock to off and report it to us immediately and we aim to resolve the issue within 24 hours of being notified.

Your electrics have stopped working? 

We recommend you check the fuse box if you feel comfortable to do so, make sure all are switched to the on position.  If this does not work, please report it to us immediately and we aim to resolve the issue within 24 hours of being notified.

Locked out of the house?

If you become accidently locked outside of your house, you can instruct an emergency locksmith at your own cost or wait until the next week day if reported after 4pm.  If the third party locksmith has to be break the lock to enter the property, you will be charged for a new lock replacement including labour.

Check in / check out

When you check in, it’s very important you report any damage to the property that is not covered under general wear and tear to us within 48 hours in writing, either by email or letter.  We are always on hand to help if you have any questions about the property and how certain appliance work.

When you check out, please ensure the entire property has been cleaned to a high standard and all keys returned.  Please remember to email us your bank details so we may refund your deposit.  Email your details to account@barrowandthomas.com quoting your property address.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

It is a legal requirement that we register your deposit with a Government approved body.  We protect your deposit with MyDeposits.  For more information on deposit protection visit www.mydeposits.co.uk.

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